About CNI

Welcome to ChoiceNet International

ChoiceNet International Mexico (CNI) is a privately owned Third Party Administrator (TPA) comprised of a local team of physicians and administrative personnel. CNI is supported by Global Excel Management and Olympus Managed Healthcare’s proven technology and superior Provider network. This combination of resources has positioned CNI as a leading TPA in Mexico.

CNI provides medical service to travelers and expats living in Mexico through a fully credentialed nationwide healthcare provider network.

CNI provides 24/7 call centre services to our international clients in three languages (Spanish, English, and French). Our call center operators are trained to provide vital information and direction, answer clients’ questions, assist in accessing quality Mexican healthcare, facilitate verification of coverage, and direct calls to the proper administrative personnel.

CNI has a network of physicians located throughout Mexico, including the top Mexican tourist areas who are on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day. These doctors will personally contact the patient at their hotel, provide house calls and direct the patient to a CNI preferred hospital when necessary.

The quality of care and coordination with providers is supervised by our team of licensed medical doctors, who review and authorize approved treatment and audit bills on a daily basis. The rates that are charged by our providers have been negotiated by our Network development manager and are in line with what local Mexican residents will pay. In the event that a provider is not in network we will negotiate costs.

As a part of its service, CNI offers its clients financial reporting according to U.S. standards.


“ChoiceNet International provides net claims cost reduction and administrative services for clients accessing healthcare in Mexico.”